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FILLUM! The British Asian Film and Video Festival – 1997 to 2004

We worked with the former Eastern Arts Board to develop the Festival in comjunction with Luton Borough Council, British Film Institute and a dedicated company set up to achieve a range of objectives. We have run three Fillum! Festivals since 1997 Collaborators have included BBC Community Television, CineBlitz, Asian Age Newspaper, British Film Institute, NTL Cable Tel, Movie Magazine, 'g' magazine Bombay, Eastern Eye newspaper. Plans have been formulated to extend the Festival - to include regional touring in conjunction with Southern Arts. Kalwant Ajimal is the Festival Director and Founder. A major outcome of the Fillum! programme is the British Asian Short Film Competition.The British Asian Short Film Competition is known as "Celebration". Fillum! has its own Website. Please see

Millan - A Reunion of Traditions

Millan is a collaborative project arising out of work started in conjunction with TAPS - Traditional Arts Projects, based in Bracknell. Responsibility for artistic policy rests with Roger Watson. Asian Arts Access was the source of the inspiration behind the project and was instrumental in creating the access to Asian musicians, audiences and funding.

Millan is managed by TAPS and generates work for TAPS. Asian Arts Access will be working on proposals to extend Millan to Asian communities and to new audiences based on a review of its achievements.

Ephemeral Arts

This Festival initially aimed to promote 'ephemeral arts' of the Asian communities. The term is used in this context to describe the arts that have short life spans or are temporary in their purpose and use. Examples include Rangoli and other arts created on the ground using patterns and powders, face and mask painting, effigies, sculptures, costumes and kites. These arts relate to the cultural calendar and serve to celebrate specific events.

The inspiration for this project is attributed to John Chandler of Axxiom, a Slough based Creative design company. Bharati Joshi, a Rangoli specialist who is based in Bournemouth is also one of the lead collaborators. Asian Arts Access have created a Festival of Ephemeral based on funding by London Borough Grants, London Boroughs of Kingston, Croydon, Bexley and Merton.

Several local authorities including Slough and Bournemouth Borough Councils and regional arts boards have been involved. Detailed information will be available at Ephemeralarts .com

Asian Arts Access welcomes proposals for collaboration and touring from visual arts organisations, funders and artists engaged in the ephemeral arts.

The Crafts of Muslim Communities

Asian Arts Access has been instrumental in developing this programme for regional and national development. Initial funding was received from Southern Arts for a research and development phase and the wider development of the project is to be based on popular consultation with Muslim communities based in Slough, Oxford, Peterborough, Gravesend and Crawley.

An extensive crafts based programme is being planned, with possibilities of residencies, touring exhibitions, cross-artform development and an extended Education Programme for Schools. Cross-RAB collaboration is planned in order to generate the widest possible benefits for the Muslim community, members of which feel that its interests in arts development have been marginalised.

We welcome enquiries from crafts workers and educators from all Muslim countries to work with us.

Asian Street Theatre

This is a new project and is being developed by Asian Arts Access to support the enthusiasm and to channel the skills of a number of street actors and entertainers who wish to develop street theatre as a specialism. Further information will cover aims, target audiences and methods of delivery. We welcome enquiries from artists who wish to contribute towards the development of this programme.

Drumbeat - An International Festival of Percussion 2000-2001

Development work on this new Festival to be known as Heartbeat has been in progress during the last two years. It is dedicated to combined arts and cross-cultural development, having received support from the Arts Council of England, Slough Borough Council, Berkshire Young Musicians Trust and six other local collaborators. Funding options are now being explored.

Collaborative projects with Asian artists - 1994 to 1998

Major examples are: Asian Arts Access has worked on Kindred Spirits, a cross-cultural music project in conjunction with Pandit Vishwa Prakash of Dev Sangeet Shala, which Kalwant Ajimal helped to set up. Another collaborative project was Parampara - The Tradition. Asian Arts Access has supported the work of the Hounslow Asian Arts Agency, an development programme initiated by the London Borough of Hounslow.

Local Authorities Support Programme

Asian Arts Access provides regular inputs into policy development and strategic planning objectives of local authorities. We have assisted local authorities to build platforms for change through open consultation with Asian communities, introducing new artist-led programmes, empowering new arts organisations, directing community leadership towards regular programming and assisting new groups to work within the funding mechanism through training and development. We have also assisted under-performing organisations to review policy and to build internal mechanisms for coping with change. Asian Arts Access has also helped local authorities to attract Lottery funding by holding surgeries in conjunction with regional arts boards.



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